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Changing the world, one family at a time!


Teen Dating/Relationship Education

No one waits until they are married to get in a relationship, but we often wait until we’re married to learn how to conduct ourselves in one. Why wait? Be proactive by taking advantage of our teen dating education workshops. Our facilitators use a roundtable format to allow teens to learn about and openly discuss such issues as sex, teen pregnancy, STDs, domestic violence/intimate partner violence, peer pressure, drug and alcohol abuse and more.

If you work with teens and would like to schedule a teen dating workshop for them, contact us today!

Pre-Marital Education/Counseling

Don’t spend all your time planning the wedding and honeymoon. Dedicate some of it to making sure you are prepared to embark on this beautiful and challenging journey.

According to research, couples benefit the most when they seek counseling BEFORE the wedding, before they get a chance to develop and get comfortable in negative habits. Pre-marital education encourages couples to get out of the “love fog” and begin to learn serious strategies that will help their marriages. It goes beyond common interests and looks at such complex issues as spousal expectations, finances, sexual history, parenting styles, childhood experiences, conflict management techniques and more.

If the relationship is worth solidifying with marriage, it is worth strengthening with pre-marital counseling and education. Sessions are generally two (2) hours long.

Marriage Enhancement

Don’t wait until there is a crisis to pay more attention to your marriage. Do it now, while things are good and stable. Consider it a marriage checkup, a chance for you to make your good thing better. Through our marriage enhancement training, you can discover small issues and address them before they get a chance to grow and attack the marriage.

Couples who invest in their marriages upfront are less likely to seek divorce when things get difficult and are more likely to successful work through the difficulty. That is because their marriage tool boxes are better equipped to handle the issues that arise. The last thing you want is to hit a bump in your marriage and discover that your marriage tool box is empty. Contact us today to learn more about marriage enhancement options.

Conflict Resolution

It is no secret: Couples who have effective conflict management skills stay married longer than those who don’t. In fact, poor conflict management skills are a tale-tell sign of likely divorce, research suggests.

Many of us learn (from what we’ve witnessed) that conflict resolution is simply yelling louder than the other person or ignoring them altogether. These are not the techniques that bring about positive results. Instead, couples should learn the helpful techniques of active listening, mirroring, using “I” statements, complimenting, and empathizing.

If you feel you have reached a dead end and do not know where else to turn, know there is help available. Family Matters of KC can help you break through and find your way back to peace. Contact us today about conflict resolution and mediation options. Sessions are generally two (2) hours long.

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