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Changing the world, one family at a time!



We specialize in the “how” of staying married

We all know how to fall in love— that’s the easy part—but can we stay there? After the ease fades and reality appears, can we stay there? After the frustration mounts and the tension grows, can we stay there? It may not seem like it, but the answer is, yes, we most certainly can… if we know how.

That’s where Family Matters of KC comes in. We specialize in the “how” of staying married. We teach couples how to ease the tension, strengthen the love and live in peace.

What makes love hard?

In the beginning, love feels magical.

It’s as if it wipes away the bad and intensifies the good. It truly is a magical feeling, but sooner or later, the magic fades and we discover that the only thing we have left to protect and shelter our love is what we’ve been taught. Therein lies the problem.

Few of us have been taught how to properly navigate our relationships. We just assume that ours will be different, unlike everyone else’s, unlike our parents’, unlike the 50 percent of marriages that end in divorce. We think we innately have the skill to step up and out of dis-ease that traps so many.


Necessary skills for happy marriages

Relationship skills must be learned and practiced. In the same way that a child must learn to crawl, walk and run, couples must learn to listen and speak in a way that nourishes their marriages. When we don’t learn these vital skills, we get stuck in our problems—so stuck that we often feel our only solution is to break free and find someone else, someone better.

But even after we find someone better, again, the problems arise. Again, we feel stuck. The cycle continues until we learn how to behave differently.

Family Matters of KC teaches the skills of active listening and conscious communication using the following curriculums:

-How to Avoid Marry a Jerk

-Getting the Love You Want

-8 Habits of Successful Marriages

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